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THE LAST (12 minutes) OF THE MOHICANS is a twelve episode limited podcast series focusing on the climax of the Michael Mann’s 1992 epic The Last of the Mohicans. Adapted (and significantly altered from) James Fenimore Cooper novel, set in 1757, Mohicans follows three trappers who are inadvertently drawn into the French and Indian War when they rescue the daughters of British Colonel and their British Captain escort from an ambush. It stars Academy Award Winner Daniel Day Lewis, Madeleine Stowe, Academy Award Winner* Wes Studi, Russell Means, Eric Schweig, Jodhi May and Steven Waddington. With an Academy Award winning score from Randy Edelman and Trevor Jones, iconic performances, stunning cinematography from Dante Spinotti, a relentlessly paced script from Mann and co-writer Christopher Crowe and masterful orchestration from Mann; the film’s extended finale - triggered by the delivery of tribal justice until the credits roll - is arguably one of the greatest endings to almost any movie ever.

The format of the podcast, which slightly differs from ONE HEAT MINUTE, utilises the entire final twelve minute climax of Mohicans as a portal to explore the themes of the movie, the cross section of political apparatuses, colonial superpower wrangling, and Mr Mann’s riff on the “great American hero.” The final episode - once again will feature Mr Mann to unpack his intentions with the film in the conception and orchestration of its grand ending.

THE LAST (12 minutes) OF THE MOHICANS: Episode 1 - Joe Lynch (Director of Point Blank, Mayhem + host of FANGORIA’s THE MOVIE CRYPT Podcast)

Joe Lynch and I, self-professed "Mann-sperts," assemble again to discuss that The Last of the Mohicans is in fact Joe's favourite Michael Mann movie.

About Joe:

Director - Point Blank (2019) - available exclusively on Netflix

Writer/Director Mayhem (2017) - available on Shudder


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