What's worth your $$$$$$ - 7.6.12

Welcome to the ALL NEW What's Worth Your $$$$. This weekly feature is a brief compilation of opinion from the staff at Graffiti with punctuation on all the latest releases to guide you on where best to distribute your disposable income. This week's releases include:

Prometheus reviewed by @blakeisbatman

Prometheus is proto-product placement film – where the product is Alien. The philosophical sojourn, the stirring performances by Fassbender and Rapace, and the sublime aesthetic are severely inhibited by the nods to the Alien mythos.

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Prometheus reviewed by @fodusempire

It’s not a disappointing film by any means as Fassbender and Rapace are above and beyond the best of the film but a poor finale to an otherwise very enjoyable film brings it down heavily.  

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Prometheus reviewed by @popcornjunkies

It’s great to see Scott back in the realm of sci-fi but ‘Prometheus’ is a superficial attempt to brand something new with the familiar elements of ‘Alien’.

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Anton Chekhov's The Duel reviewed by @blakeisbatman

The Duel challenges the audience to watch it; but with unlikeable characters and a tedious pace you may just want to put your gun up to your own mouth and end the misery.

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Friends with Kids reviewed by @blakeisbatman

Friends with Kids is as satisfying as rom-coms get. It’s sharply scripted, populated with authentic and likeable characters and takes instinctive turns toward and away from cliché that keep you on your toes.

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