What's Worth Your $$$$$ - 14.06.12

This weekly feature is a brief compilation of opinion from the staff at Graffiti with punctuation on all the latest releases to guide you on where best to distribute your disposable income. This week's releases include:


Margaret reviewed by @fodusempire

Fascinating stuff for all the films buffs out there and Paquin is outstanding but it’s not enough to win me over completely. 

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Rock of Ages reviewed by @blakeisbatman

Rock of Ages is what happens when Glee travels back in time with Guitar Hero and does a seriousScarface sized bowl of cocaine and starts a hair band. Cruise’s performance is the only thing I enjoyed.

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Rock of Ages reviewed by @popcornjunkies

‘Rock of Ages’ is karaoke night in Hollywood and a 10 drink minimum may be required to get any enjoyment out of it.

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That's My Boy reviewed by @blakeisbatman

There’s nothing that makes this film worth seeing. That’s My Boy is another example of Adam Sandler rubbing peoples noses in the fecal matter that his career’s become.

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