Welcome to five star films where we shine the spotlight on the greatest films of all time.  People have been banging on about these films for years so rather than go over familiar ground we've picked the five reasons why they're worthy of being labelled five star films.


1. Christopher Nolan

Only Nolan could bring a film like ‘Inception’ to life and be crazy enough to see it through.  The idea sat in his mind for over 10 years and was easily dismissed by the major film studios due to its high concept.  Rumour has it that ‘Inception’ got the green light after Nolan delivered box office success with ‘The Dark Knight’.  It’s rare for a director to be able to have full creative control over their own project without the studio meddling with the final product.  ‘Inception’ is a film that doesn’t seem to have a fingerprint of studio interference on it thanks to the brilliant work of Nolan and his faith in his idea.


2. The Script

It’s a script that should be automatically added to the curriculum of every script writing class all around the world.  Every bit of dialogue, every scene and action set piece pushes the story forward – nothing is wasted.  It’s full of grand action set pieces, interesting characters and lots of emotion.  It’s the emotion that makes all the action worthwhile, something that of often missing or beaten to a pulp by endless clichés in most films.  The basic concept of the film is that Cobb just wants to see his kids again.  Cobb is focused on running away from his past when instead he must face it head on, in order to escape from the dream world he has found himself more comfortable in.  These themes are universal and in some way or another in life we are being reminded of past mistakes.  It’s our ability to embrace our past that enables us to start paving the way for the future.

3. THAT fight scene

A lot of modern films play it too safe with their action and forget that people go to the movies to see something they’ve never seen before.  Nobody understands this better than Christopher Nolan.  The truck flipping over in ‘The Dark Knight’ was brilliant, but heoutdid himself in ‘Inception’.  It’s established early on in the film that the physics of the dream, reflect that of the physical state of the dreamer.  Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character Arthur is in a fight when the dream world is thrown into chaos, and his world is literally turned upside-down.  What follows is one of the greatest fight scenes in cinema history.  When I saw it for the first time, I almost stood up in my seat with excitement.  Despite the complex nature of the fight sequence, it’s a master class in creating a thrilling fight sequence.  The stunt men move with fluidity and the tension builds with each punch. It’s visually dazzling and completely out of this world.


4. Dream cast

Nolan’s films are always very well cast but the actors he assembled for ‘Inception’ is a real dream team.  Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Wantabe, DileepRao, Cillian Murphy, Marion Cotillard, Pete Postlethwaite, Michael Caine, Lukas Hass and Tom Berenger.  The cast plays by the conventional rules of casting a major studio film - DiCaprio provides your star power and Cotillard is your Oscar winner.  Page and Gordon-Levitt  represent the youth.  Postlethwaite is your fan-boy favourite.  Murphy, Caine and Wantabe are the good luck charms.  Hardy and Rao are your unknowns.  Berenger is your comeback kid and Hass, well; he’s the kid from Witness that equals instant cred.

5. The score

Hans Zimmer has always been a great film score composer, but his score for ‘Inception’ is a work of art.  It’s our first introduction to the film as the score plays over the opening credits.  First impressions last, and Zimmer makes his mark and sets the tone for the rest of the film.  The score adds so much drama and tension to the action sequences, but Zimmer shows off his softer side with beautifully tender music to accompany the emotional scenes.  A must own in any soundtrack collection.

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