Double ‘O’lympics: How Bond’s being silenced until after the games 007

Why was the world's most famous spy and the protagonist of the world’s most and enduring film franchise dark so close to the impending release of Skyfall? Well now we know. Sony marketing boffins and guardians of the James Bond/007 brand have used world’s biggest and most watched sporting event as a launching platform for the Skyfall's publicity.  The Opening ceremony traditionally showcases a country's impression of its own national identity and I guess modern England sees this fictional character an enduring national icon. So now we’ve seen Daniel Craig’s Bond escort Queen Elizabeth II to the games:

And them both parachuting out of a helicopter, and very satisfyingly the doubles couldn’t resist a snap shot to remember.

Modern movie marketing usually drip feeds their audience a plethora of trailers, teasers, official photos, TV spots but Skyfall/Sony has embarked on a cross-promotional exercise that insofar has never been attempted. I mean what other film/character usually gets an endorsement for the Queen of England (other than Shame that is – I’ve heard the Queen’s a huge fan).

Only in the wake of this exercise did we get the first official Skyfall trailer and a glimpse of a bigger, ‘badder’, classic Bond feel. And the main and awesome ingredient is the creepily wigged yet freakish intensity of Javier Bardem’s villain. This trailer gives us a sense that like Mendes’ aesthetic homage to the classical films texts in the genre of the films he’s producing has carried over here. It’s familiar, but that kind of familiar that you cannot wait for.

So Academy Award winner Sam Mendes' first British film with the most famous British film character of all time and an all-star cast looks to return to Casino Royale a return to form (and beyond) in the wake of Quantum of Solace.

And so we come to ask – what’s the better advertorial for the film? Does hanging with Lizzy 2 do any damage to a brand sacred in the eyes of the film fans? Or is it one of the bravest and cleverest film publicity stunts ever been staged (and on the world's stage no less).

What do you guys think?

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