In the last 2 years it's been made perfectly clear that a 3rd 'D' to a classic film (animated or otherwise) equals dollars for whatever distributor that's willing to front the cash. And although in the age before home entertainment Walt Disney developed the prototype for re-releasing his classic films every 7 years to maintain old and cultivate new audiences, you have to ask - is it worth revisiting on the big screen? Instead of re-reviewing this Pixar classic in the traditional sense - I'm going to state a case for whether the 3D warrants a trip back to the cinema.

The film:
Is there anything new? Of course not. Why would you mess with the modern Pixar perfection that sees Marlin (and his forgetful companion Dory) battling through Sharks, depth charges, jelly fish and electric monsters of the deep to rescue his son Nemo from the clutches of a Sydney fish tank. It's a funny, heartbreaking and beautiful tale about familial love, trust  and care that is conducive to repeat viewings.
The 'D':
The presentation of the flick in 3D felt like the frame size occupied less of the screen than a normal release. I'm not sure whether the 3D conversion sacrifices the breadth for the depth of field but it didn't seem as large in scope as your regular VMAX presentation.
I have to say that I barely noticed the 3D. No additional 3D gimmickry was added after the fact to make it more interactive; and unlike the sensation of depth that you feel when you're  a traditional 2D animation unpacked for 3D - the darkness of the glasses only muted the rich colour palette.
Not worth the trip to the cinema but is worth every cent as a home entertainment blu ray purchase.

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