Some films immediately inspire cynicism and sarcasm; and The Bourne Legacy is one of those films. Maria Lewis and Blake Howard share their sarcastic jibes and Maria’s artistic rendering of The Bourne Legacy.

***WARNING: If you have not seen The Bourne Legacy this will not make any sense.***

Blake Howard: 

Facts that halt suspension of disbelief

Jeremy Renner, if Liam Neeson can’t beat wolves you’ve got ZERO chance; I don’t care how many drugs you’ve taken.

Tony Gilroy you ARE NOT Joe Carnaghan and this is NOT The Grey Identity.

Edward Norton was only hired to see what Edward Norton looks like with grey hair.

There are endless vintages of U.S super-assassins all bread to supersede each other, but the last vintage will always defeat them in motorbike chases.

Jeremy Renner hates Kenny.

Kenny is now running a Pilipino drug factory.

Rachel Weisz cannot be knocked off a motorcycle – even by a Bus.

(Actual Brainstorming)

Tony Gilroy: Man I loved Karl Urban in The Bourne Supremacy

“Yes Man”: Me too

Tony Gilroy:  We need something like that in Legacy

 “Yes Man”: I agree

Tony Gilroy:  The movie finale ends in Asia right?

  “Yes Man”: Yeah

Tony Gilroy:  I’ve got it – FIND ME ASIAN KARL URBAN!


Jason Bourne: Motivated by the ideals that he was fighting the good fight for his country.

Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner): ME NEED BRAIN PILLS TO BE DA SMRT ONE

Marta (Rachel Weisz): Unnecessary HUGE and scary houses.

Edward Norton: Defiance of grey hair.

Maria Lewis: 
Here's a pictorial representation of the latest installment in the franchise.
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