Ladies and Gentleman it’s with great giddiness and pleasure that I announce another prize recruitment for the Graffiti With Punctuation team. Andrew ‘Andy’ Buckle of The Film Emporium will form our Festival Front-line (mainly because he’s a festival junkie) and jump into the rotation providing regular reviews and features. Andy's a film geek of the highest order, his favourite film is Platoon and no Cam and I aren't the Elias and Barnes to Andy's Charlie Sheen (despite the picture inferring otherwise).

Andy's Bio: 

Andy Buckle is a passionate Syndey-based film enthusiast and reviewer who has built a respected online voice at his personal blog, The Film EmporiumAndy will contribute reviews, features and be our resident film festival expert.

If you want to read Andy’s back catalogue check out The Film Emporium. 

We can't wait to bring you Andy's contribution.

Blake Out.

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