There are great films and then there’s Raiders. In 1981 the combined creative forces of director Steven Spielberg, visionary mind/story writer George Lucas and stratospheric movie star Harrison Ford crafted the greatest adventure film and arguably best hero character of all time with Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Graffiti with Punctuation team has joined forces to bring the five (sorry we couldn't fit it into five) six reasons that define why Raiders is a singularly perfect American 80s cinema.

1. via Blake aka @blakeisbatman:

There’s really no better introduction to a hero character in any film that this critic’s ever come across. The iconography of the jacket and the akubra, Indi’s interactions with the poison darts on the tree, piecing together the map and finally having the sense to hear that telling click of the gun cocking. With a spin, the crack of a bull whip and stalking toward the camera with his stubbly face and piercing stare he officially had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. And that’s even before we get to the idol…


2. via Cam aka @popcornjunkies:

After deadly encounters with natives, booby traps and almost being crushed to death by a giant boulder, we get to know Indiana Jones as the adventurer.  Cut to him standing in a classroom giving a lecture at a university and being ogled at by female students who are handy with a pen and their eyelids.  It’s an important transition because it establishes Jones as a scholar but also a normal guy.  He has a day job and isn’t an invincible hero, and this sentiment plays throughout most of Raiders as we see Jones adapt to different situations without the steel calm of James Bond.  Jones as an educator also puts his heart in the right place when it comes to finding artifacts of historical importance.  He isn’t in it for the money like his rivals.  The rugged edges of Jones combined with his book smarts make him an intriguing and relatable everyday hero.

3. via Dave aka @nowshowinghigh:

I can still remember as a 13 year old how I sat in awe as the sensation that was Raiders of the Lost Ark unfolded in front of my very eyes. The scene that still resonates with me today is the shoot-out in Marion's tavern in Nepal. Its an amazing sequence of controlled mayhem, bullets flying while everyone including Indy are scrambling to stay alive and get their hands on the much wanted head-piece. It delivers some of the best "gunshots" and "punches" I've heard, punctuating action and violence with glimpses of comedy and bravado, this is what an action hero is all about. This is Indiana Jones!

4. The scene that taught us to bring guns to knife fights.

5. The best chase scene of all time

6. via Nick aka @fodusempire:

As great as the face-melting scene is, it has a phony film set feel about it that’s too obvious to truly appreciate such fantastic makeup horror.  That’s why I’ll have to go with the final scene as my favourite.  Yes, the box scene.  I like to think I’m not so vanilla that boxes aren’t the most exciting thing in my life but it’s the sheer monstrosity of the moment that is burned into my brain.  The ark is one of a million possibilities!  Wrap your head around that.  Oh, and the scene preceding it is a corker.

“We have top men working on it now.”


Top men.

Take that Indy, it’s not like you just saved everyone’s life.