That's right folks, "What's worth your money" is back by popular demand and we're here to play "operation human shield" for you cinemagoers and help protect your eyes and your wallets from those bad flicks. There's only one rule: GWP has to have scored it at least 3/1/2 stars. This week's releases are as follows:






 THE INTOUCHABLES - Advanced Screenings

So according to GWP the moneys that have earned your money are as follows:

Savages via Blake @blakeisbatman Howard


Savages is Platoon’s dystopic future realised. Everything’s bigger and brighter but the sadistic sociopathy of this war remains hellish.


Safety Not Guaranteed via Blake @blakeisbatman Howard

Safety Not Guaranteed yearns for the possibility of changing your fate but without the guarantee of certainty. You can feel Trevorrow and Connolly’s love for the normal people and real emotions at the centre of this extraordinary situation. It's a warm, fuzzy indie and a covert sci fi triumph. 


The Intouchables via Andrew @buckle22 Buckle

The Intouchables is an entertaining, sensitively directed and well-acted crowd-pleaser that is funny, enriching and uplifting.


Just missing out this week was Paranormal Activity 4 via Maria @moviemazz Lewis


Despite upping the ante and delivering an effective mix of first person scares, PA4 is strictly for those still following the franchise with cult-like dedication (or those looking to get their heart rate going on a Friday night).


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