That’s right folks, “What’s worth your money” is back by popular demand and we’re here to play “operation human shield” for you cinemagoers and help protect your eyes and your wallets from those bad flicks. There’s only one rule: GWP has to have scored it at least 3/1/2 stars.


Here are this week's releases:

Alex Cross 

End of Watch


Last Dance

Anton Corbijn Inside Out 

Les géants (The Giants)

Housos Vs. Authority: The Movie 

And the only film that barely scrapes by is:

Bachelorette ([rating=3] and a Half

Andy @buckle22 Buckle says: 

While a lot of jokes don’t stick this is a crazy, well-cast and well-acted film; Headland gets points for a snappy script and the hubris to ‘go there’.


Now the only other films reviewed thus far have Alex Cross ([rating=1]) and End of Watch ([rating=3]). 

Overall, this week's releases make Keanu sad....

Thankfully, we'll always have last week.

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