That’s right folks, “What’s worth your money” is back! Our Game? “Operation human shield” for you cinemagoers to help protect your eyes and your wallets from those bad flicks. There’s only one rule: GWP has to have scored it at least 3/1/2 stars. RELEASED IN AUSTRALIAN CINEMAS THURSDAY NOVEMBER 8

The Sessions FOX

Alex Cross HOYTS


Seven Psychopaths HOPSCOTCH

Is it really any surprise that this week's must see film happens to be one of our most talked about films of the year?

With Seven Psychopaths only pushing Andy Buckle to [rating=2] and a half, Alex Cross having Maria Lewis and I screaming AVOID, with back to back [rating=1] ratings (and Sessions yet to be reviewed) - Andy Buckle's Five Star Gush on The Master is enough to compel anyone to see this 'Master-piece'

Andy @buckle22 Buckle - The Master [rating=5]

This bracing, gripping, exhausting and often puzzling cinematic experience tells, with the greatest of assurance, a pair of tremendous character studies with an enveloping backdrop of American post-war disillusionment and the guises of alternative religion. Intelligently conceived, strikingly composed and expertly performed, The Master is a landmark film from a true auteur of the cinema. It will provoke thought from a serious and observant audience and like Anderson’s preceding films, will spark debate amongst film connoisseurs for many years to come.

Stay tuned next week - same Bat time, same Bat channel.

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