With it being that time of the year when that chubby dude with questionable dress sense sleighs his way into our lives, lays a gift or two on you then bails for another 12 months, here's a few things you may just like for X-mas, because I certainly don't want a partridge in a pear tree, or one let alone two turtle-doves and badgers.. badgers, I don't need no stinking badgers…
Watchmen Ltd Ed
There have been those that have come before, but they now all bow down to this edition, if you really love Watchmen (and you should) then this is your new jam. Loaded with features and trinkets (including the Ultimate cut of the film).
They Live Collector's Edition
Possibly my favourite blu-ray of the year, amazing re-do on picture and sound, brilliant new artwork plus some great new and old features, not to mention a cracking film, but you will need a multi region blu-ray for this 1.
Following Criterion Edition
Now this is 1 for the Nolan fans, his 1st film given the royal treatment from the rolls royce of blu-rays Criterion. With a beautiful remaster on both picture and sound, extras galore, stick this in your stocking.
Killer Joe Unrated Director's Cut
Now if this is the Director's Cut that Mr Friedkin wanted us to see, then that damn well is good enough for me, Uncut (god knows what they had to leave out) with the 103 minute running time, as its not due till December 21st I don't have the complete skinny on it yet, but I don't need to, I'm getting it, but I suspect it will be region A locked, but still want.
Tarantino XX Box Set.
A box set with QT's collected work (including True Romance which he wrote), yes please, these have all been previously released and were of stellar quality, but included is 2 new discs of extras all delivered in a wacky looking box set. Now if your saying I already have some of the releases, hey here's your chance to re-gift and bring a little Tarantino into the lives of your family  and friends. But if you're yet to own any on blu-ray, its a great place to start, though I believe its a mixed box of region A and B's so be careful if you don't have a multi region machine.
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Again another favourite release this year, its never look better, still gets the laughs and more importantly its all region so you can be excellent to each other or at least the person you get it for (or excellent to yourself if you are a self-giver, not that there's anything wrong with that). A great release, sure to bring a festive laugh.
Now as this doesn't street till December 31 (US), this may not quite fit the whole X-mas profile, but we're talking less than a week after and we're talking LOOPER! What a way to bring in the new year than a film that diddles with time, details are scant at present but I cant imagine anything less than a state of the art release that will challenge the parameters of anyone's home theatre. Region info, could go either way, but if your Chrissy wish is for Looper then maybe, just maybe if you've been good you might be lucky.
May your Christmas be Blu, Blu-ray that is, and to all stay safe.

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