I am supremely chuffed to announce yet another great acquisition for team Graffiti With Punctuation in Twitchfilm’s Kwenton Bellette. Unfortunately during our brief history we’ve neglected one of the world’s most interesting cinematic regions, Asia. Kwenton will use his vast knowledge of Asian cinema to keep you up to date with highlights from film festivals, cinema and especially DVD. And in the words of the amazing Dave @nowshowinghigh Grenfell “with Kurosawa not available, he was the next best choice.” Here’s Kwenton’s blurb:

Kwenton Bellette is extremely passionate about Asian film and the resurgence of new waves taking place in Korea, Japan and China in the last 10 years. He joined the global site Twitchfilm in 2009, is the artistic director of the Fantastic Asia Film Festival in Melbourne and currently studies a film masters degree at Melbourne University. He is very excited to raise further awareness of the what he thinks is the most exciting film industry in the world.

-Blake out

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