tonysarinaWelcome to BLU-Review where we ask fans of the blu-ray format some questions about their why they converted, and hopefully convince you why you should. For the first BLU-Review we're talking to two amazing people: Tony Martin is one of our most truly gifted local talents who has weaved his own particular comedy style across television (The Late Show), cinema (Bad Eggs), radio (Get This), books (Lolly Scramble & A Nest of Occasionals) and now social media. Currently putting the final touches on the ABC's production of Upper Middle Bogan as one of the series Directors, he's also an enthusiastic movie fan with an eclectic & pinpoint knowledge of film.

Sarina Rowell is a concise and creative wordsmith generating thought provoking, intelligent and funny articles at She also works as a freelance book editor and has written for some of the major publications in this country. An avid movie follower with a love for the classics and who has a solid, precise film knowledge.

1) The 1st Blu-ray you purchased:

Tony: Rio Bravo, which I never tire of. I can watch it on any format.. even Super-8 riobravo


Sarina: The Red Shoes. And it is completely dazzling!


2) Your favourite Blu-ray you have bought:

Tony:  All the buster Keaton's Kino have released, but if I have to choose 1, I'd go for their 3disc collection of all the shorts.


Sarina: Wake in Fright, because it looks amazing & it has been "missing" for so long that it was especially great to finally get it and know it is now being widely seen.


3) Title you've yet to purchase but is a must have:

Tony: The Criterion Collection's "America Lost and Found", which collects all the BBS films including Five Easy Pieces, The Last Picture Show & The King of Marvin Gardens.


Sarina: The Criterion Edition of Something Wild, which I'm currently rectifying..


4) Blu-ray title you wished you hadn't purchased:

Tony: The Bed Sitting Room.. Even with an amazing HD transfer, its still impossible to sit through.


Sarina: Flatliners. That is, other people regret me having bought it but I regret nothing!


5) Blu-ray you cant believe got a release:

Tony: Armed and Dangerous with John Candy.. & yet no Albert Brooks films are available!


Sarina: I Don't Know How She Does It. It's just impossible to imagine anyone loving it enough to want to see it that vividly.


6) The title you surprised hasn't been released yet:

Tony: I'd have to say Robert Altman's masterpiece Nashville.. mind you it's never come out on any format in Australia.


Sarina- Proof, a classic Australian film which highlights some truly talented locals, Russell Crowe & Hugo Weaving.


7) Roughly how many blu-rays do you own:

Tony: About 70, almost as many as I have Laser-Discs.


Sarina: 27 & growing..


8) Which blu-ray do you show to enlighten them to blu-ray:

Tony: To Catch A Thief.. Nobody is impressed by a recent film looking good, but this brilliant transfer of a VistaVision original blows everyone away.


Sarina: The Wizard of Oz, although Dorothy stepping out into the Land of Oz at that level of clarity almost blows the mind.


9) What's the last blu-ray you purchased:

Tony: Woody Allen's Sleeper, surely this astonishing vision of the future will look even better on blu-ray..


Sarina: Gone With the Wind, tho I was a little let down by the lack of features on the local edition, which were available on the DVD. Where the hell is The Scarlett O'Hara War, with Sharon Gless as Carole Lombard?


10) Do you have a multi-region blu-ray player:

Tony: I got the LASER BD-1000, which plays region A's. Got it from BigW for $88.. Bargain!


Sarina: Yes, just got 1.


11)Would you recommend upgrading to blu-ray:

Tony: Of course I would.. Are you insane?


Sarina: Absolutely. And I was skeptical at 1st but have been converted.


12) Best blu-ray packaging you've seen:

Tony: The Criterion "Dazed & Confused".. So many things to slide out & unfold….


Sarina: US Digi-book edition of Judy Garland's A Star is Born.


13) Coolest feature you've come across on a blu-ray:

Tony: The fabulous Eureka blu-ray of F.W. Murnau's "Sunrise" has a 2nd Czech version which looks even better than the already brilliant original. A must for the 5 silent movie buffs out there.


Sarina: The Wizard of Oz deleted scenes. There is an amazing longer version of 'If I Only Had a Brain', and it is shocking and appalling that it should ever have got the chop!

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