Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 11.31.29 PM During an interview to promote the 20th Anniversary Blu Ray release of Schindler's List, Graffiti With Punctuation had a chance to see what Booker Prize winning author Thomas Keneally thinks constitutes a FIVE STAR FILM.

What film jumps to mind when I say FIVE STAR FILM and what makes it so?

Thomas Keneally: There are a number jumping out at me [in fact] there’s a whole pack of them. [Laughs] I think Coen Brother’s Fargo is great film. It has a magical incisiveness in all the acting. It’s ironic, it’s violent; and despite everything I like a bit of violence. [Laughs] It’s hugely atmospheric. It’s full of fallible characters. Even the scene with the Japanese-American former schoolmate of the detectives, who claims that his wife has died as a means of cracking onto her; even that little scene is quite magnificently done. Why all the elements come together so appositely, and so ironically and why the performances are so etched on our imaginations I can’t explain; I’m sure the Coen’s Brothers [can’t].

I think you find with some big films like Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List it is a test to tell the story and to fit it in. The Coen Brothers in [Fargo] have time to allow to an ‘old fart’ cop discussing bar-tending with an ‘old fart’ snow shoveler (that’s a part time barman,) while facing away from each other discussing how much snow was about to fall. Not by putting everything out front but by subtle indirection that film leaps along and yet it seems unhurried. And so altogether I think that [Fargo’s] a superb film.

Schindler’s List is available on Blu-Ray 04-04-2013

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