photoIt's a rare opportunity to interview both Superman and Wonder Woman at the same time. It's an opportunity Graffiti With Punctuation's founding father Blake Howard and token purple Power Ranger Maria Lewis got when they interviewed D.J. Cotrona and Adrienne Palicki ahead of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Australian premiere.

The latter's stint as Wonder Woman on David E. Kelly's infamously bad pilot you probably well and truly know.

But before there was Henry Cavill in the latest super suit, there was Cotrona who had been handed the reigns of Krypton's favourite son in George Miller's Justice League film.

In fact, the last time Cotrona was in Sydney he was days away from standing in front of cameras as Superman alongside cast mates Adam Brody, Teresa Palmer, Jay Barchuel, Armie Hammer and Megan Gale.

DJ Cotrona: "That was back in 2008, George Miller was directing it. Pete Jackson and Weta were going to do all the effects. Megan Gale was going to play Wonder Woman...”

Blake Howard: “And you're sitting next to another Wonder Woman!”

DJ: "That's how we met."

Maria Lewis: “So you were supposed to be in it?”

Adrianne Palicki: “Potentially”

DJ: “Yeah. She got really, really close. There was a lot of delays and Australian tax breaks that fell apart ... It was a huge bummer. We were all very upset when it didn't go (forward), but George has now finally wrapped on Mad Max so on that schedule hopefully in about another eight years [Laughs] I'll get to play Superman and finish the movie. It was a bummer because when the Avengers came out and it was such a massive success, I got a call from our producer Dan Lin and he was like ‘Guess what script Warner Bros is pulling out of the garbage bin and dusting off?’ We had a good movie and a great cast and it was such a heartbreak not to get to make it, but um, it's tough man. As a fan I was a bit worried when we were making it if it was gonna be good. Everything has gotta line up, the timing, the casting"

But it wasn't meant to be.

The collapse of Miller's DC ensemble piece just days out from shooting - the actors were already in costume and doing script read throughs - is now a famous Hollywood story.

It's one that Palicki also knows very well, as she fought tooth and nail for the Wonder Woman role that eventually went to Gale.

It seemed fate had smile on the statuesque actress when she won the opportunity to finally play the Amazonian princess years later in a TV version.

The pilot, under the creative control of Ally McBeal's Godfather, was a f***ing mess.

A blight on the legacy of arguably the most recognisable comic book heroine, Palicki's talents and dedication drowned under a terribly written, poorly executed and, frankly, blasphemous version of the character.

The pilot failed, just like Miller's Justice League.

It makes you wonder if Friday Night Lights was filmed on an ancient Indian burial ground given the consistent bad luck Palicki and her cast mates Taylor Kitsch, Minka Kelly and Aimee Teargarden have had transitioning from the critical darling.

Despite the heartbreak she's faced for Wonder Woman, Palicki doesn't hesitate when asked if she would play the character again in DC's forthcoming Justice League.

AP: “Oh my god, if there's any way I could play Wonder Woman again…”

Who knows whether she'll get the chance. In the interim she has been busy playing another bad ass comic book character in G.I. Joe's Lady Jaye - a role her co-star Cotrona says she physically punished herself for.

DJ: "You (Palicki) were crazy. Actually, she worked harder than all of us."

Now all we can do is hope for someone crazy enough to tackle the world’s mightiest and cinematically incongruous superhero team up…who’s also a Friday Night Lights fan.

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose DC, can’t lose.

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