Kern S The Gold Coast Film Festival is just over a week away and one of the shining trophies on the program is Sushi Girl: a genre film in every sense of the word. Starring Mark Hamill (SKYWALKER!), Tony Todd (CANDYMAN!), Danny Trejo (MACHETE!) and Noah Hathaway (ATREYU!) it’s a film that gives any cinephile within a 10 metre radius a raging nerd boner. The debut feature of Kern Saxton, the writer, producer, editor, director and star of the film sat down with Graffiti With Punctuation to share his pick for a Five Star Film.

His choice? The infamous Apocalypse Now. The reasons Saxton says he loves it aren’t “necessarily related to the technical merits of the film, which are mind boggling”. His is more of a visceral appreciation, explained by the man himself below. apoco The acting

“The acting init was fantastic. These guys were just going out in to the middle of madness and what they brought back . . . this movie was hell to make and turned out to be a landmark of cinema.”


The message

“It was an interesting commentary about humanity. The stories it told . . . I feel like there’s a seed of that in everything I do.”

apocalypse-now_01 Bringing the crazy

“It broke a lot of ground as to the way films were made. It was very operatic – it’s like a big spectacle. Some would probably say Francis Ford Coppola lost his marbles doing it because hasn’t made something like that since.”


The characters

“Complex characters. There was a fascinating dichotomy. Kurtz and Willard and what drives them is so engaging for the audience.”


Big ba-da boom

“It was the birth of multichannel sound. It was the first 5.1 soundtrack which adds to the whole spectacle thing.”

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sushi girlThe cast and crew of Sushi Girl are attending the Australian premiere of the film at the Gold Coast Film Festival, April 18 – 28. Tickets are available online at