I love movies and I like to Tweet about them.  Twitter is 'the' place to get instant access to how a film is being received. It's the ultimate electronic café where you engage with other cinephiles (and the occasional troll).  Most film geeks like to Tweet their viewing schedule and often announce their entry into a cinema for a screening.  With most films there are always going to be people who have already seen the film you’re about to watch.  There will forever be plenty of prior notice to indicate the kind of film you’re about to experience with the plethora of reviews and reactions already circulating in the media and on the internet – that’s a given, but you try to avoid it if you want to give the film a chance.

Probably the most annoying thing that can happen before a film is when someone suddenly turns into Bill Paxton’s character Hudson from Aliens.

Usually it happens like this:

“I’m seated to see the new Tom Cruise film OBLIVION”

And suddenly Twitter lights up with:


“Get out of there, what a waste of time”

“What are you doing?!? LOL YOLO”

It’s a “game over man” moment.  It’s as if these people are hoping that their tweet will be some divine intervention that will send you bolting to the cinema door.


The fact is that any sane film fan should give every new release a chance.  So often in our social media driven environment and with the bombardment of overzealous promotion for a film, people pre-judge a film as if they’ve made up their mind before entering a cinema.  Do they just sit there nodding along with each moment thinking “MMMMMM HMMMMMMM!” Again, every new film deserves a chance and as an audience or anyone who wants to think critically, the best way to approach every new film is with an open mind.

We’ve become a bunch of film fans that act more like old men waiting at service stations at the beginning of slasher films.  Give someone a chance to make up their own mind and make their own mistakes.  Your next favourite film could be waiting in the cinema that so many people a trying to direct you away from.


I’ve been guilty of doing it a few times and the intention seems to driven by letting someone know you’ve seen something already verses actually trying to drive them away.  It’s not a reaction done with malice; it’s just an annoying one.

Patience is your best friend in this situation.  Wait for someone to form an opinion and then release your Kraken of woe onto them.  If someone still responds with prophecies of doomsday politely reply “thanks Hudson”.


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