lbFilm geek ladies and gentleman, I am once again thrilled to announce the addition of another fantastic contributor to the ranks of Graffiti with Punctuation. Laurence Barber a.k.a @bortlb is a Brisbane based film student and Australian Film Critic Association (AFCA) award winning film reviewer that we at GwP have been admiring for sometime. His award winning review of GwP’s equally highest rated film ever The Perks of Being a Wallflower, demonstrated the perfect blend of raw personal insight and qualitative analysis that made us stand up and take notice. Here’s his bio:

Laurence Barber is a Brisbane-based critic and film student whose reviews have garnered him a 2012 Australian Film Critics Association Writing Award. He has also written for The 500 Club and on his own blog, The Film Fix. He has a keen interest in themes of gender and sexuality, as well as the celebration and preservation of camp in cinema. He can be found having opinions on Twitter at @bortlb.

Please join me welcoming him to our film geek community and check out his first submission here.

Blake Howard - follow Blake on Twitter here: @blakeisbatman and listen to the audio review on That Movie Show 2UE here.

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