Rainy Cannes Given all the traveling I do, you’d think I’d be good at it. This month, by the time I get back to LA after Cannes, I will have sat in a plane seat for about 60 hours, traveled to three different countries and five time zones. And I love it, but inevitably, when it comes to me…. there is always a disaster. I don’t know why.

This time, after visiting New Orleans to interview the cast of ‘Now You See Me’, I arrived at Newark airport in NY after midnight, struggling with the camera equipment I stupidly agreed to take to Cannes. I tell ya, you haven't LIVED until you've carried two roller luggage bags, an over the shoulder bag, a tripod and a laptop through a busy airport in a short dress, then catch a shuttle to the wrong hotel, wait for an hour in the cold for the correct one, accept a lift from a different shuttle driver who proceeds to constantly call you after you accidentally give him a business card with your cell number on it, and then… realize you left your passport in a “safe place” in your hotel room. In New Orleans.

Thankfully, the hotel found my passport and I asked to send it to my friends work in NY. They promised it would come by Tuesday AM, before my flight Tuesday night; but by 5:30pm Tuesday… it hadn’t arrived. By 5:40pm, finally, it got there. Twenty minutes before her mailroom closed for the night. Nothing like living on the edge.

A short eight-hour flight from NY to Paris (on the film menu: ‘Romeo + Juliet’ and ‘Pitch Perfect’) a three-hour layover, another two-hour flight from Paris to Nice, a half-hour bus ride… and I was in finally in Cannes. Albeit rainy Cannes, but despite the inside out umbrella-ness of it, it still looks beautiful

Tomorrow, everything begins. I’m aiming to see as many films as I can, I have some great interviews lined up, and have put my passport in a safe place. I promise. Stay tuned!

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