Screeenwriter, producer and novelist Gerard Lee met Jane Campion in film school. The chance meeting sparked a lifelong friendship and artistic collaboration between the pair, beginning with her debut film Sweetie and most recently their TV series Top Of The Lake. Nominated for an astounding eight Emmy's, the detective drama is one of the most creative and fiercely original pieces of television to grace screens in the past decade. Sharing the creator and writing credits with Campion, Lee sat down with Graffiti With Punctuation to talk about a refreshingly recent Five Star Film and his five reasons for choosing it. The Place Beyond The Pines (2013)


Ryan Gosling

“Ryan Gosling seems to have introduced a new style of acting that those younger guys seems to be taking up. In Half Nelson he gave a very subtle performance.”


The twists

“That’s the whole thing cinema can do through action – it can take the breath out of you. That’s what I’m interested in.”


That scene

"I love Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Gosling dancing with the dog. It’s worth seeing the whole through just for that scene. It's beautfiul."


The unconventional narrative

"It’s very interesting structurally. It’s three short stories put together. I think there will be others that copy that."


Ryan Gosling (again)

“He’s really good. I couldn’t believe it.”

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Top Of The Lake is available to rent or buy on DVD now.

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