TIFF-Day-5 When you wake up and can’t remember what day it is, you know it’s time to leave #TIFF13… 

That was a tweet from a friend, and as true as that is, it probably meant I should have left days ago. What day was it?? My brain hurt from all the thinking. ‘Welcome to day five, brain’ I said to it and it cursed me back, unhappy with all the late nights, the early mornings and the free flowing drinks at the parties. ‘Come on,’ I told it back, ‘let’s get our day started.’

First on my to do list was to purchase a GIANT coffee. Second, was to get a movie ticket for Alex as a thank you for the last minute AirBnB pad. Third, I had some work to do and emails to write. And fourth, a screening of ‘Enemy’ starring Jake Gyllenhaal and… Jake Gyllenhaal. My dream.

Arriving at the Scotiabank cinema center I took a look at the queue, which wrapped around and around and around again, and worried I wouldn’t actually make it inside the theatre. At TIFF all the big films and interviews are scheduled in the first few days (and all at the same time) leaving you rushing here and there and everywhere, then come Monday, many people leave and the queues for screenings start to thin out. Apparently not this year, I thought, as the queue for double Gyllenhaal slowly moved forward. I don’t really understand my fellow reporters who leave town straight after the first weekend. I realize they probably have other jobs to do or families to see, but the first few days you’re so busy with interviews and seeing the big movies, you don’t get to see all the obscure, weird films that may never actually get a release. I try to stay as long as I can, making the first few days all about seeing movies for work, and the last few all about seeing movies for fun. Yeah, I thought, as I finally got inside the theatre, I really do have a great life.

‘Enemy’ is one of those films that may not get a general release, so I’m glad I got to see it here. It’s directed by Denis Villeneuve, the same director as ‘Prisoners’, but the two films could not be more opposite. Where ‘Prisoners’ is realistic, ‘Enemy’ is totally bizarre. It’s hard to believe the same director is behind both films. Basically the movie is about a history teacher (Jake Gyllenhaal) who discovers while watching a film that he has an identical doppelgänger who is an actor (also Jake Gyllenhaal). The two meet and it’s all very surreal. Despite the slow pace, and leaving the cinema wondering what it all actually meant, I thought ‘Enemy’ was quite cool somehow, and kept thinking about it for ages afterward. And not just because it stars future husband times two, I promise, though I AM happy to see so many of him on the big screen.

After a quick post ‘Enemy’ lunch with friends I headed to a TV studio to talk to New Zealand’s Breakfast On One morning television show. Every week I cross to them via satellite to give a rundown of what’s happening in Hollywood, usually I’m in LA, but today I was able to say hi from Toronto and run through the list of films showing here that I think are worth spending cash to see when they come to general cinemas. FYI they are - ’12 Years A Slave’, ‘Prisoners’, ‘Dallas Buyers Club’, ‘Gravity’ and ‘Rush. I talked more about those films with Scott Mantz from Access Hollywood, as we did a quick Malone’s Movie Minute video review of them… which, let’s face it, will most likely end up as WAY longer than a minute. We love a chat! Video coming soon.

I was late to the one and only press screening of ‘August: Osage County’, which is based on a play by Tracy Letts and stars every single amazing actress you can imagine. Meryl, Julia, this film has them all. Such is the buzz about this film, that press started lining up over an hour before the start time, so rocking up 20 minutes before the start time there was no way I was going to make it. ‘Not to worry,’ I thought as Harvey Weinstein strolled past me into the theatre, ‘that is a film that he will make sure gets a release, and probably before the end of the year to qualify for Oscars, so I can wait until then.’

After refueling with another GIANT coffee (take that, brain!) I joined Erik Davis and Sean O’Connell to talk about our favorite TIFF experiences on their fabulous podcast for Fandango and Movies.com. These two are delightful guys and I really love how positive they are and passionate about their jobs. It’s invigorating, in the micro film review world, which sometimes can feel like it’s full of bitching, moaning and negativity. Here's the link to the podcast in case you’re interested in listening.

Next I went for a final dinner with Scott, who is heading back to LA in the morning. We had a few wines and a good chat about why we love the festival, and then went to check out ‘The F Word’. This is a really cute rom com starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan as manic pixie dream guy and girl, who meet, become friends, and fall for each other. The dialogue is sharp, quick and funny, and it felt like a lovely respite to see a sweet comedy after all the drama. On the way home I promised my brain that, being that it was only 11pm, I would finally get some solid sleep before the 8:30am 12 Years A Slave screening, which I’ll have to line up for from 7:30am. But then I stayed up until 2am skyping, writing, working, and yep tooling around on the internet. Sorry brain… just a few more days…

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