Moby is in Sydney to promote his new album Innocents. Picture: Adam Taylor Source: News Limited When electronic music titan Moby was in Australia promoting his latest album Innocents, we held a figuative gun to his head to make that devastatingly tough decision; what was his FIVE STAR FILM?

"In the course of my professional life I’ve been asked what my favourite record is, what my favourite city is and it’s so hard to answer – I feel like the only way to get an honest answer is to bring a gun and hold it to people’s heads. It’s like Sophie’s Choice."

Moby wanted to clarify the criteria. "Is it the best movie ever made or my favourite? The two could be very different. I could come up with a list of, like, six: what’s the best, the most interesting, the most creative, the funniest," he asked.

Well this is a good time to remind old and new players: five star films shine the spotlight on the greatest films of all time. We pick the five reasons why they’re worthy of being labelled five star films. Now we didn't quite get there but here's what Moby had to say.


"The movie that I’ve watched the most in my life is Annie Hall so I’ll go with Annie Hall. In fact, one of the most interesting times I watched Annie Hall was when I was flying to Australia via Bangkok and I watched Annie Hall while drinking fresh squeezed orange juice while flying over the mountains of Afghanistan . Something about that seemed so perfect and wrong at the same time. This was during the war and I was looking out the window at the mountains of Afghanistan and I would look back to the video screen and watch Annie Hall, drinking fresh squeezed orange juice on a British Airways flight. It was one of those moments when life - when looked at objectively - it seems so much more psychedelic and surreal. Just imagine 120 years ago if someone had even suggested that was possible."

Editorial reminder: Give Maria a literal gun for next FIVE STAR FILM inquisition. 

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