Bill_bailey_facebo_1787484c COMEDIAN, musician and immortal fan favourite thanks to his time on cult series Black Books, lovers of intelligent comedy have long been preaching the gospel according to Bill Bailey. The Brit and self-confessed “old hippie” took some time out to share his choice of a Five Star Film – from Down Under no less – and one that he has become completely “obsessed” by. Rolf de Heer’s oddball classic Bad Boy Bubby.


“The movie that I’ve been involved in a lot more than other – in the sense that I researched it and gave a lecture about it at the National Theatre in London – is an Australian film called Bad Boy Bubby. I saw it in Australia a few years ago in a little cinema in Melbourne and I was completely hypnotised. I’ve become a bit obsessed and by it and I’ve even organized private screenings of the film in my home and at theatres in hotels when I’ve been on the road. People have said to me afterwards that they weren’t able to watch any other films for a while after that because they simply don’t cut it. From a technical point of view the writer and director Rolf de Heer used different cinematographers for different scenes so it shows you the change in Bubby’s perspective. It’s an ambitious piece of work. It’s unlike anything else.”

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