TIS the season for best of year lists, tra-la-la-lalalala-laaaa. And oh what a year it has been. Like always there have been duds and studs, but the best of the best were suprisingly evident among the crowd of 2013 releases. What's always toughest about these lists are the ones that flirt on the edge at number 11 to 15. The ones that deserve a mention but just missed out were, surprsingly, mainly blockbusters for me. Yes, there's a Michael Bay-worthy amount in my top 10 already yet I couldn't help be impressed by Star Trek: Into Darkness, The World's End and This Is The End which so nearly made it on the list. Also worth a shout out was Trance (it made jaws drop very early on in the year), The Place Beyond The Pines (bonus points for Ryan Baby Goose face tattoos) and The Company You Keep. The most heart-breaking exclusion here is Rust and Bone: such a profoundly beautiful movie that I just couldn't wiggle into the top 10. It's there in my heart though *cue Katy Perry's Firework*. Without further ado ... the champs of the year.


1. Byzantium

“What is feminism? Simply the belief that women should be as free as men.” Moran said that and it remains true. Byzantium is a powerful story well told. It’s a creepy, beautiful horror film that transcends the ‘vampire flick’ tag. Ya, it depicts two vampires, but more importantly it depicts two women who are fighting to be as free as the men of their species. Now if that isn’t a great piece of feminist cinema with a relevant message, then I’ll get back in the fucking kitchen*.



2. Cloud Atlas


3. Pacific Rim


4. Much Ado About Nothing


5. The Wolverine


6. Mama


7. Thor: The Dark World


8. Sleepwalk With Me


9. Monsters University


10. West Of Memphis

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