2013 has been a bumper year for film, it's criminal to relegate all I have seen, the wondrous experiences and feelings I have felt thanks to cinema this year, to just ten films. Explaining their position is equally tough. Given that my main mission intentionally or not at GwP this year has been to champion Asian cinema, I present to you dear readers my top 10 Asian films of 2013.


1. Drug War


2. The Rocket


3. The Grandmaster

Ilo Ilo Movie Poster

4. Ilo Ilo

5. The Fake

act of

6. The Act of Killing


7. Why Don't You Play In Hell!?


8. Cold Eyes

silent witness poster sm 1 aaron kwok

9. Silent Witness


10. Man of Tai Chi

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Kwenton Bellette is extremely passionate about Asian film and the resurgence of new waves taking place in Korea, Japan and China in the last 10 years. He joined the global site Twitchfilm in 2009, is the artistic director of the Fantastic Asia Film Festival is Melbourne and currently studies a film masters degree at Melbourne University. He is very excited to raise further awareness of the what he thinks is the most exciting film industry in the world.