First things first, I don't believe in squeezing a whole year's worth of films into a list of only 10. It's barbaric and never represents the journey of a year's worth of cinema. The big boss man has deemed all the Graffiti with Punctuation team stick to a solid ten and it makes sense considering how easily the situation could get out of hand with giant lists and odd numbers of rankings freaking people out. So I'll spare you 37 of my favourites and faithfully submit a neat little 10. The only rule for making this year's complication is that I saw these movies in a cinema, at a festival, or VOD during the course of the year. Beware that I am based in Australia so there will be a few films from 2012 that made it onto the list because they were delayed a release here. The best films of 2013, prepare to get ranked!


10. Sleepwalk with Me


9. Upstream Color


8. The World's End


7. Pacific Rim


6. Spring Breakers


5. Prince Avalanche


4. 12 Years a Slave


3. Stoker


2. Captain Phillips


1. Gravity

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