1365272174_QXd6Y2VNd3BSbncx_o_kim-kardashian-was-mocked-by-her-ex-lover-singer-ray-j HE'S best known for kickstarting Kim Kardashian's career with a lil' home movie, but fun fact about Ray J: he's also worked with Tim Burton. Yup, the RnB singer, TV host and the patron saint of sweet, old Jewish ladies worked with the Gothic visionary on Mars Attacks! And his pick for a five star film is just as tongue-in-cheek, minus the aliens. "My favourite movie of all time is Coming To America with Eddie Murphy. I drew up with that movie. It's funny, it's hilarious, and the comedic timing is perfect. It embodied all those things that I loved when I started out acting. Coming To America hands down man. I love Eddie Murphy."



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