Lars Von Trier's films are no strangers to controversy and his latest epic NYMPHOMANIAC is no exception. Apart from the real sex and four hour running time and eventual split into two parts, it was the striking and down right guffaw inducing character posters (featuring the climax faces of the entire cast) that had the internet buzzing. Nymphomaniac poster composite

Then the down right awesome group of Danish film critics started something....


And as the trend started by these awesome people began to echo around the globe, this happened.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 8.46.40 am


That's right, taunted by our peers to run the 'O' face gauntlet I threw out the call to our team to share their sex faces with the internet. Without further adieu, the Graffiti with Punctuation's tribute to NYMPH()MANIAC.... SCROLL AT YOUR OWN PERIL

















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