He went to school with Tim Burton, studied with John Lasseter and worked his way through the ranks with Ron Clements and John Musker. Filmmaker Chris Buck is a Disney animation veteran and had the greatest success of his career with Frozen. Co-directed with Jennifer Lee, it has gone on to become the highest grossing animated film of all time. But as someone who has helmed a box-office breaking love story between two sisters, the seriously underrated Tarzan, gone rogue with Tim Burton to create the original Frankenweenie and designed classic characters like Flounder and Sebastian (to name a few) just what does someone like the Oscar-winning director consider a Five Star Film?

220px-Pinocchio_2006_Album “Pinocchio, without a doubt. It was the very first movie that I saw as a kid of about four or five-years old and I just fell in love with the whole thing. The journey Pinocchio took me on and the music was fantastic. I got scared and terrified, yet at the end it was all okay. It was just an exhilarating film. It excited me and pushed me into animation. I love that film.”

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