This is a first for Graffiti with Punctuation Five Star Films, the filmmaker responsible for our subject's selection ended up casting him. John Jarratt (who starred in Django Unchained) assures me though that, "this happened before I met the guy, I gotta tell ya...but it's Pulp Fiction" pulp_fiction_royale_with_cheese

Quentin Tarantino's 1994 masterpiece Pulp Fiction made Jarratt gush in the coolest possible way. It's quite comforting to see the warmth and passion for films bursting out of a man famous for playing Australia's most iconic horror villain.


Jarratt continued; "I love where he just threw formula out the door and opened a movie raving on about French hamburgers at McDonalds." He's right. While Reservoir Dogs certainly put Tarantino on the map, it was Pulp Fiction that coined the "Tarantino-esque" moniker. However it's not only the lack of formula he describes it as "just insanely gritty, colourful, mesmerising stuff with these amazing bloody actors and amazing sequences. You go from a guy with a ball gag in his mouth and then you've got Travolta sticking a needle in Uma's (Thurman) guts and blowing guys brains out and then the Wolf comes and sorts it all out. And Quentin's great in it playing that nerdy bastard that they give a hard time to. I just love it for many, many reasons.


What drew him to Pulp Fiction as an actor and filmmaker is that it was "unique. The thing that excites me when I get offered a script is that ... this hasn't been done before 'feeling'. But just about everything in that movie hadn't been done before." And in Hollywood, he was damned right.

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