Geeks have inherited the Earth, it’s true, but there’s no better time to be a female geek especially than right now. With creators finally starting to stand up and take notice of women in their audience – a large but until recently practically invisible percentage of the viewership – actresses are getting more and more  chance to sink their teeth into roles previously reserved for their male peers. On such lass is Australian star Jessica De Gouw, who after cutting her teeth with roles in small local films, has made a big splash in the US as part of CW’s top rating series Arrow. Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.52.26 pm

The 26-year-old has found a "passionate" fan following playing DC Comics character Huntress, a tortured and morally ambiguous BAMF that’s as close to a female Batman as we’ll ever get (excluding Batgirl and Batwoman, of course). But it hasn’t been an easy road to depict the crossbow wielding, purple clad heroine , with De Gouw adding that it’s a "world away" from what she is used to doing.


"I love that people love her," she said while in Sydney promoting her new film These Final Hours.

"I kind of stumble my way through her – she is a BAMF.

"It’s great fun and it’s a great set to walk on to because I’m in the position where I get to pop in and pop out all the time.

"It’s such a well-oiled machine and the fan base is so huge now, that it’s a pretty cool thing to be a part of."

The end of season two was suitably dark for the character, who ended up in prison for a string of murders and a few dozen more attempted. Yet don’t think the cell is locked and the key is thrown away, because there’s one thing showrunners have been repeatedly hinting is coming: the Birds Of Prey. The all-female super heroine squad which features Huntress, Black Canary and a post-Batgirl wheelchair-bound Barbara Gordon as Oracle has been teased and winked at throughout Arrow’s considerably improved story development… and De Gouw isn’t denying anything.

“They left it very open ended for me but… they put me in prison so I could come out of prison at anytime,” she said, smirking.

“I’m lucky because when they need the Huntress, they can just yank her out.”


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These Final Hours opens in cinemas on Thursday, July 31.