brw2 The death of a loved one can be profound in many ways. Profoundly sad, profoundly depressing, profoundly heartbreaking. People deal with their grief in different ways: some sing, some write, some cry - but all mourn. They mourn the loss of someone who touched their lives. Someone who influenced them in some way, no matter how small. Robin Williams was part of our lives. He touched us with his art and with his performance. He made us laugh and cry, made us feel human. He was a teacher, a genie, a doctor. He was the best of us, and he shall be missed.

Blake is sitting in a pub in London on his honeymoon, it was difficult to comprehend and process the news. He wrote the letter below and asked me to post it, despite the fact that it will never reach the intended recipient. G'night Captain.


Dear Robin,

I realise the futility of writing this note to you, but in this moment there's nothing else that seems to be curbing the grief. I've watched one film more than any other, hands down; Aladdin. You've brought me countless hours of joy, warmth and hilarity. You've frightened, moved and absorbed. You have phenomenal cosmic power and you will be sorely missed. Thank you, and I only wish that someone could have provided you with the same powerful support, "it's not your fault... it's not your fault."

- B


If you need help or support, please phone Lifeline 13 11 14; Mensline 1300 789 978; Kids Helpline 1800 551 800.

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