ross_bannerHe's the film composer who has an almost supernatural ability to weasel his way into your mind and affect you psyche with his Oscar-winning film scores. Atticus Ross' name has become synonymous with Trent Reznor's in recent years, as the long time friends teamed-up with David Fincher to score some of his most memorable features. They won Academy Awards for their work on The Social Network and impressed with the edgy contributions to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which took over a year to complete. Now the 46-year-old is getting ready for this third collaboration with the trio in the highly anticipated and creepy  Gone Girl. Before he once more raises the hairs on the back of your neck with his haunting melodies, he shares his Five Star Film with Graffiti. ross1"That’s way too hard, I don't have one per say... there's too many films that I love. To break it down to just one is like breaking it down to just one favourite song: I couldn't do it. But if there's one movie I absolutely love it's Taxi Driver. I really love that film. You know, if I tried to think about one reason I loved it so much it's just that I have watched hundreds of times. I go back to and go back to it. I love the music in Taxi Driver too. It's not a score I would listen to repeatedly, but it’s great."

Gone Girl hits cinemas on October 2.

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