dolph2He’s been one of the most constant forces in action movies over the past 30-years, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to Dolph Lundgren’s Five Star Film it’s an action classic too. The 56-year-old actor, writer, director and producer visited Australia recently to shoot the new Optus mobile campaign and shared his favourite, most watchable and most lovable film with Graffiti. A massive fan of historical epics, he tipped Ridley Scott’s Oscar-winning Gladiator as his premiere pick.

Gladiator “Oh shit, oh God, that’s a tough question. I suppose speaking of Australians, you can’t go past Gladiator. It has that historical aspect I like – just like Spartacus, you know? The acting was extraordinary, it has a great ending and the battles really stay with you. I’ve gone and seen it many times over the years. Russell Crowe did a great job with that film. I’ve met him a few times at Hollywood parties and he’s a nice guy. Gladiator, to me, is a classic. “

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