This isn’t like our usual acquisition announcements that are done in front of a brimming great hall, lit by a blanket of floating candles, headed by pointy hatted wizards. This latest addition to the Graffiti with Punctuation team has been with us since August and joined just prior to my two month hiatus (yes I had one – aren’t scheduled posts grand). While I was away the lovely Sam Spettigue, technical lead for the Daily Mail Online offered his drastically overqualified assistance to take over the day to day administration on the site. This administration quickly evolved into a traditional contribution that saw opinion pieces and editorials (including the emotional wrenching tributes to Robin Williams). From that moment on, it became clear that this was not going to be a fleeting, two month stand. To delve into his secret origins when I first met GwP’s newest contributor Sam, and Maria Lewis pointed out his Deathly Hallows tattoo, I just knew he was one of our people. That perfect storm of nerdy that literally wore his Hogwarts house on his sleeve. It’s with great pleasure and furious wand waving that we welcome Sam to the team. Here’s Sam’s blurb:

Sam Spettigue is the resident nerd and Tech Department Lead for the Daily Mail Australia, SysAdmin, DevOp, writer, video & board game aficionado, comic book guru and go-to guy for all things geeky. His other (mostly nonsensical) work can be found at He tweets at @ninjaspag.



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