Australian filmmaker Phillip Noyce is a star maker, undoubtedly. His thriller Dead Calm launched both Nicole Kidman and Billy Zane. The Bone Collector made Angelina Jolie a certified A-Lister and they backed up that collaboration with Salt years later. Now his next collaborator is Aussie up and comer Brenton Thwaites. The 25-year-old has become a Hollywood heartthrob in recent years after being linked to Taylor Swift and playing Prince Charming in Maleficent. Yet the Home And Away alumni is setting out to prove himself much more than just a pretty face. And he’s picked an excellent mentor in Noyce. Director Philip Noyce on the set of Columbia Pictures' SALT.

The 64-year-old filmmaker directed Thwaites' flick YA dystopian thriller The Giver. It’s the first bonafide artiste the young thespian has worked with and he says it was quite an adjustment on set.

"He's very passionate and one of the hardest working directors I have ever worked for or with," Thwaites told Graffiti With Punctuation.

"He's 64 and he does not take it easy. He worked so hard on this movie.

"At the start he was so hard on us: he would yell into our mics and he was stressed with the clock towards the end of the shoot.


"In the end we learnt to love each other and work with each other to the point that I could sense what his direction would be before it came form his mouth - we had worked together that long."

Thwaites said the Australian director worked "religiously" to bring the adaption of the popular novel to life on the big screen. With fellow Aussie cinematographer Ross Emery also working on the movie, he said it became somewhat of a mini-Australia on the set. With the threesome making a "good trio", the young thespian said he would "absolutely" return to work with Noyce again. After all, he has established himself as not only one of the most commercially and critically successful Australian directors, he's someone that builds a relationship with his muses. He works with them again and again, often creating projects that improve over the years.


"He has a way of directing and explaining which isn't in words," said Thwaites.

"Just through certain sounds or gestures instantly it would be so clear to me what he wants and how to envision this scene.

"He broke down a lot of barriers and it became this clear, open channel between us.

"Me and Phillip Noyce would make a great charades team."

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