The official teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens dropped this morning. We sifted through the glorious 88 seconds and broke it down frame by frame. Here's what we found: John Boyega is one very worried Stormtrooper

sw9British John Boyega – of Attack the Block (2011) fame – is seen looking very troubled and very sweaty in a Stormtrooper suit. Prior to the release of the trailer there were many rumours that he would portray a Rebel sympathizer.

Metroid Prime Gumball droids

sw10Looking like an amalgamation of the Droideka’s from Episode 1, the Astromech droids that R2D2 made so famous and Samus Aran from Metroid Prime, these droids are sure to be visually spectacular. It’s not yet clear what the purpose of this droid is, but from the trailer it looks like they could be on Tattoine (judging by the Podracer engine in the background). Could this be the new generation of pit droids you were looking for?

Stormtroopers look BADASS

sw3Back in August we were treated to some leaked images that showed the Stormtrooper redesign. As we can now tell, these redesigns were accurate. What we can confirm with certainty is that they look incredible.

Oscar Isaac in his X-Wing

sw7Guatemalan Oscar Isaac, famous for his award winning role in the highly acclaimed Inside Llewyn Davis (2013), can be seen in the trailer in his Rebel pilot suit manning the new and improved X-Wings. Will Isaac be integral to the X-Wing dogfights that are set to take place in The Force Awakens?

Daisy Ridley in Tattoine

sw4London born Daisy Ridley (who was relatively unknown up until her casting in Episode VII) can be seen in this shot riding some kind of speeder on what looks to be Tattoine. It’s yet to be confirmed what Ridley’s role will be in The Force Awakens, but some speculate that she could be playing the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia.


sw5The first shot of a squadron of the new X-Wings look amazing. This was definitely a goose-bump inducing moment in the trailer, but it is unclear from the trailer where they are in the Star Wars universe. What we know from Star Trek is that when it comes to high-speed action involving star-fighters, J. J. Abrams will not disappoint.


sw6MYSTERY FIGURE CLAD IN BLACK REVEALING NEW SITH LIGHTSABER. Sound familiar? Unlike The Phantom Menace that saw the introduction of Darth Maul’s double-edged lightsaber, in The Force Awakens we see a new kind of blade featuring a sword-like guard that has a medieval longsword feel to it. The cloaked villain is seen prowling through the snowy woods, could this be a long awaited return to Endor, home of the Ewoks?

The Falcon Returns

sw8Although brief, we see the Falcon back in all of its junky glory battling some TIE fighters. Although we have yet to see Han Solo or Chewbacca, it is great to see the iconic smuggling vessel back in action.

See the trailer for yourself:

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