Ed note: Maria is at her potty-mouthed best. Feel the hate flow through her. Enjoy Joel-Edgerton-Exodus-Gods-and-Kings-Images1

Exodus: Gods And Kings

Christian Pale and Joel Egypton couldn’t save this epic fail from the ten plagues of bad historical filmmaking: first comes the river of white washing, followed by the tweets of Rupert Murdoch, and concluding with overabundance of guyliner.


Into The Storm




A movie that was as bad as you thought it was going to be. markedones

Paranormal Activity: The Mexican Ones

After three films centered on white families, producers tried to switch it up with the most ridiculous and borderline racist entry in the series. meganfoxturtlesTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Only the Hollywood Lords know exactly how many of Michael Bay’s cars Megan Fox had to wash in a bikini to get back in the director’s good graces. Whatever the number, the end result was not worth it.



Racist as shit. o-THE-HOBBIT-facebook

The Hobbit:  Battle Of Five Armies

Look, it’s just bad. There’s no other way to describe two and a half hours of nonsensical fighting, inconsistent CGI and monologuing in a shiny cave. As disappointing and frustrating as it was, five out of six films still ain’t bad, ay Peter Jackson? dracula-untold-sosnation_com-3

Dracula Untold

Except, well, the story was told so, uh, you know, I guess the title AND WHOLE ENTIRE FILM is totally redundant so there you go.


Transformers: Age Of The Rise Of Whatever The Fuck

The redest, hottest and messiest of Michael Bay’s seminal Red Hot Mess franchise.



David Ayer’s version of Suicide Squad is going to be interesting because if one thing’s clear from the very overrated and testosterone-laden Fury it’s that he does not know what to do with female characters. See also: End Of Watch.

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