Alicia Malone

More Than A Minute: TIFF Diary Day Two

“Jake!!” I said, exasperated, “Every time I interview you… which sure, has only been two times… I tell you how I’m your future wife! One day, you’re going to remember me and you’re going to get it!” Over the next five minutes he laughed and joked about our morning coffees, our future children, and was genuinely charming. I stammered about holding my pee, wanting a hug, and was genuinely creepy. The girl timing our interview was trying to wrap me up, but with no avail. I didn’t want to leave the room.

Alicia Malone's Cannes Diary: Day 10

As my alarm jolted me awake this morning, five thoughts went through my head in quick succession. One: Have they done studies on how little sleep can a person survive on? Two: Am I the case study?? Three: When I get back to LA, I’m so doing a juice cleanse. Four: Oh god, that sounded really LA. Five: I wonder how early the crepe place opens?

Alicia Malone's Cannes Diary: Day 9

Waking up from a nap I opened my eyes and discovered… I felt better. Hurrah! No more headache, or shakes, and I smiled as I thought Cannes, you haven’t beaten me yet!

Alicia Malone's Cannes Diary: Day 6

As my friend’s alarm clock signalled the start of another Cannes day, I tentatively opened my eyes, scared to feel the presence of a hangover. There was none, and I was relieved that I had enough sense to stop after a few glasses of champagne last night, which was flowing freely at the Weinstein party.

Alicia Malone's Cannes Diary: Day 5

It’s amazing how the weather can affect your mood. Walking out into the sun this morning, seeing the rain cleaned streets sparkle in the sun, I almost wanted to kick up my heels, pull out some jazz hands and possibly break into song. If only I could sing.

Alicia Malone's Cannes Diary: Day 3

I kind of like the person I am in France. Here, I am direct. I am ‘un journaliste pour l’emission sur le cinema’. I am confident. That's mainly due to the fact that my limited French (enough to get by and nod blankly through conversations) forces me to speak in demands.