Cannes 2013

Alicia Malone's Cannes Diary: Day 6

As my friend’s alarm clock signalled the start of another Cannes day, I tentatively opened my eyes, scared to feel the presence of a hangover. There was none, and I was relieved that I had enough sense to stop after a few glasses of champagne last night, which was flowing freely at the Weinstein party.

Alicia Malone's Cannes Diary: Day 5

It’s amazing how the weather can affect your mood. Walking out into the sun this morning, seeing the rain cleaned streets sparkle in the sun, I almost wanted to kick up my heels, pull out some jazz hands and possibly break into song. If only I could sing.

Alicia Malone's Cannes Diary: Day 3

I kind of like the person I am in France. Here, I am direct. I am ‘un journaliste pour l’emission sur le cinema’. I am confident. That's mainly due to the fact that my limited French (enough to get by and nod blankly through conversations) forces me to speak in demands.