Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival (BAPFF) Diary - Days 1 & 2

There are swings and roundabouts. This new, niche focus, crafted around on the Asia Pacific Screen Awards’ fairly loose definition of its continental purview, is great for hardcore cinephiles, as it presents any number of opportunities to see films that might otherwise have slipped by.


As I enter the final third of this year's Sydney Film Festival, still with a loaded schedule, here are some of the films I watched on Days 5-8.

Andy Buckle's Sydney Film Festival Diary Days 1-4

The craziest 12 days of the year commenced last Wednesday evening with the Opening Night screening of the 2012 Sydney Film Festival with 20,000 Days on Earth. Writing this, I am on the morning of Day 6 and pretty tired, but everything has been worth it. I have seen some excellent films so far, and I am sure many more to come.

BIFF [Brisbane International Film Festival] Diary - Day 6

The rain seems to finally be easing up, which means dashes between cinemas are marred more by sweat than precipitation. My day today was spent entirely at GoMA, though, which—in contrast with the Palace Barracks—is well air-conditioned (some would say too much, but I’ll take that over Barracks 2’s swampy heat any day). Consequently, my films today ranged from simple to epic but always artistic.

BIFF [Brisbane International Film Festival] Diary - Day 5

A rainy Sunday meant only three films, once again very different. I’ll talk more about The Square in a separate review, which leaves one film experimenting with a new cinematic language and another steeped in the language of old.

Alicia Malone's Cannes Diary: Day 10

As my alarm jolted me awake this morning, five thoughts went through my head in quick succession. One: Have they done studies on how little sleep can a person survive on? Two: Am I the case study?? Three: When I get back to LA, I’m so doing a juice cleanse. Four: Oh god, that sounded really LA. Five: I wonder how early the crepe place opens?