Film and Twitter: Game over man

It’s a “game over man” moment. It’s as if these people are hoping that their tweet will be some divine intervention that will send you bolting to the cinema door.

FIVE STAR FILMS #6: Enter The Void (2009)

We each have that film that has a special place in our hearts. For some people it’s a film they grew up with, for others it was the film that transcends every cinematic convention they were aware of and opened their eyes to so much more. As with many of you, I have a small shortlist of films that do that to me and this is the latest reveal of that list with Gaspar Noe’s Enter The Void.

Five Star Films #5: Back to the Future (1985)

Putting my love for Back to the Future into words has been terrifying, but it's one of the greatest mainstream Hollywood films ever made. It's the complete genre transcending package, so come and geek-out with me at 88mph.

FIVE STAR FILMS #4: The Fifth Element (1997)

Given the very nature of sci-fi films and their reliance on special effects, they tend to date easily. Along with Blade Runner and Alien, Luc Besson’s seminal sci-fi actioner The Fifth Element has only got better with time. Groundbreaking, breathtaking and earthshaking, here are five reasons why it’s a FIVE STAR FILM.

What’s Worth Your $$$$$ - 12.07.2012

It's a very indie What’s Worth Your $$$$$ for the releases in Australia for the 12.07.2012. There are 3 Films coming out, one of them is omitted (that being The King is Dead) because we're playing catch up on reviewing it. So here are our opinions of Not Suitable for Children and Hysteria.