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In this episode of Pod Save Our Screen, Blake and Maria gush hard about Stoker, run through the Sydney Underground Film Festival program, sip tea, talk filming post-apocalyptic sci-fi in Australia and invite you to join us seeing and talking Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine. 

WARNING: Our honesty contains some f*cking profanity. 









The seventh annual Sydney Underground Film Festival has announced the line up for the 2013 Festival. Taking place from 5-8th September at Marrickville’s Factory Theatre, the Festival features an eclectic line up of over 30 local and international films that will showcase the year’s most subversive, underground and cult films from around the world.

Opening this year’s festival will be the latest offering from legendary cult filmmaker, Alejandro Jodorowsky, THE DANCE OF REALITY. Following its world premiere at Festival de Cannes, this psycho-magical imaginary autobiography is set to take audiences on a psychedelic trip they won’t forget.

Feature film highlights from the program also include Michael Cera in MAGIC MAGIC from Chilean director Sebastián Silva, Rob Zombie’s THE LORDS OF SALEM, POOR LITTLE RICH GIRLS (AFTER WARHOL), a cinematic homage to, and conceptual remake of Andy Warhol’s Poor Little Rich Girl (1965), starring Gracie Otto in the role of Edie Sedgwick, and the edgy documentary HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING DRUGS.

Injecting a little bit of fun into this year’s program, will be the inaugural BEST WORST FILMS BINGO! sessions, featuring a line up of some of the world’s most-loved cinematic disasters including TROLL 2, BIRDEMIC 2: THE RESURRECTION and a special 10th anniversary screening of Tommy Wiseau’s THE ROOM along with bingo games for the audience.

Making a welcome return to the 2013, will be the short film session LSD FACTORY, featuring a line up of the most trippy and bizarre shorts of the year, a celebration of love and all things sick in LOVESICK and a line up of the most fascinating real-life short film narratives in REALITY BITES.  FREE RADICALS will feature a celebration of the most experimental shorts which push the limits of cinema, and a line up of Australia’s best short films will feature in OZPLOIT!

Wrapping up the Festival on 8th September, will be the much-anticipated Australian premiere THE CANYONS from writer Bret Easton Ellis (AMERICAN PSYCHO) and director Paul Schrader, starring Lindsay Lohan in her most infamous role yet. 

DATE: September 5-8th, 2013

LOCATION: The Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville


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