Auteur_SAM In this brand new GwP podcast AUTEUR ANONYMOUS Blake and Patrick Howard open the gush floodgates on David Fincher and film that catapulted him into the directorial winners circle - SE7EN. Come for the poor Morgan Freeman impressions stay for observing the insanely predictive commentary on America as a surveillance state and the boys shouting out the key ingredients of what makes a Fincher cinematic recipe.



WARNING: Contains f*cking profanity. 



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Blake Howard is a writer, a podcaster, the editor-in-chief & co-founder of Australian film blog Graffiti With Punctuation. Beginning his criticism APPRENTICESHIP as co-host of That Movie Show 2UE, Blake is now a member of the prestigious Online Film Critic Society, sways the Tomato Meter with Rotten Tomatoes approved reviews. See his articulated words and shrieks (mostly) here at and with & 2SER Sydney weekly on Gaggle of Geeks.