POD SAVE OUR SCREEN #66: Awww The Singing Demon

What began with Maria and Blake discussing the sensational Fargo TV Series quickly devolved into a discussion of Buffy, Angel, Marvel TV casting news and Maria validating her live tweeting of Twilight with a special 'favourite.'

POD SAVE OUR SCREEN #55: Only Androgynous Vampires Left Alive

In one of the creepiest episodes of POD SAVE OUR SCREEN to date Maria and Blake salivate over the hot Russian guy from Vampire Academy (oh and the salvageable elements of the film). Then dive into the magnificence of Only Lovers Left Alive.

POD SAVE OUR SCREEN #34: Somebody's Bakin' Brownies

In this episode of Pod Save Our Screen, Blake and Maria eat chips, cook brownies, discuss PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF HARRY POTTER RIPOFFS, how much fun Blake had with RIPD and finish with talk of dead comedians we'd give anything to see live.