American Reunion

Directed by: Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg

Written by: Adam Herz (characters), Jon Hurwitz (screenplay) 

Starring: Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Eugene Levy and Seann William Scott

Jim, Michelle, Stifler, Oz, Kevin, Finch, Vicky and Jim's Dad are all back together in East Great Falls, Michigan for their 13th high school reunion.

American Pie was The Porkys of my generation. I remember so vividly it's impact on the teen community upon its release and especially going to school the weekend after it was released and bonding with friends as the lexicon of the Pie invaded our own. It was totally common to hear "pale-ale", "Shitbrick" and "MILF" shouted at the pregnant girls in our school (I did go to Woy Woy High and as the great Felicity Ward says: "Woy Woy is the Aboriginal phrase for teen pregnancy").It held a special place in our hearts, looking back at it now it has flaws, but in that teen head space, it spoke to your teen experience with some added ridiculousness informed by reality for humour. Our love of Pie carried us to the vastly inferior, Stifler heavy sequel American Pie 2 that coincided with their college years. Finally American Wedding felt as if it gave our characters some closure - we'd seen Jim (really the protagonist of the whole series) grow, get into a serious relationship and get married. And heck they even found a way for Stifler to be the best man. I may sound like I'm defending Wedding and I am - compared to Reunion, it's 5 star. But it's like comparing one bargain bin purchase to another.

For fans of the original series who are tempted to revisit the series I have to ask - in this Facebook generation who needs to go to a High School Reunion? To me a reunion is such a cringe-worthy idea AF (After Facebook). You can clearly find out who is with whom, what people are up to, friend people (if they don't still despise you) and if you're like me you can subscribe to your former class mates porn sites. And Reunion ignores the evolution of the friendships in the Wedding (and the straight to video sequels with Stifler's brother aren't mentioned at all). At the end of Wedding - Stifler's a close friend and it's Oz who they've lost contact with. It makes sense to lose contact with people and not to catch up. It made sense for Stifler to be part of their lives. But that's all gone.

Overall, the performers are trying hard and all perform as good as they can - given the scripting and story.

But seeing these 30+ adults who are still SO desperately pining for the embarrassing, fleeting, very teenage experiences is just gross. I felt embarrassed for the characters.

American Reunion brings together the original cast for a redundant experience with the thinnest veil of a story that invariably makes you dislike the core characters that you originally loved. The only moments that you may enjoy come from Stifler one liners and Rebecca DeMornay's cameo (for those Risky Business Hand That Rocks The Cradle fans out there). 


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