[Ed. Note from Cameron Williams] When a film comes out DVD/Blu-Ray there is a unique opportunity for film studios and distributors to package up the movie with goodies. Every film is someone’s favourite despite financial or critical success, and you want to see your favourite flick given first class treatment when it comes to a home release. Sadly, some releases are a dream while others aren’t worth paying the big bucks for (especially if it’s a Blu-Ray). While DVDs are on the slide a little, Blu-Ray is a very cool high-definition film geek frontier to explore and GWP has recruited the Indiana Jones of home releases…Dave Grenfell. Dave is a walking encyclopedia of film knowledge and will tell you how to stock your shelf at home with the best releases of each film. GWP isn’t going to recycle old film reviews and repackage them for when it hits local retailers. Dave is going to review the whole package that includes picture, sound, features and more. Furthermore, Dave is going to let you know which country has packaged up your beloved film the best and tell you how to get it. The days of special features with only ‘cast and crew’ bios are over…


Director Ben Stiller brilliantly leads us through this devilish, dark comedy of a "bromance" gone way wrong. Chip Douglas (Jim Carrey) is the home entertainment installer from hell who turns life upside down for the unsuspecting Steven Kovacs (Matthew Broderick). Featuring strong supporting performances from Jack Black, Leslie Mann, George Segal, Owen Wilson and the late Charles Napier only enrich this twisted tale.

But what we're here to do is speak of what makes this Blu Ray worth your investment. So buckle up as we take a short ride on the information super-highway.


The Cable Guy is presented in 1080P/MPEG-4AVC, Aspect ratio 2:40:1

Keep in mind when this Anniversary Edition was released the film was 15 years old, so its not like the recent wave of blockbusters quality wise, but what they have done is produce a print that is clean, with lovely balanced colours and nice finer detail, basically its given it a new lease of life and has never looked better. A solid [rating=4]


Sound presentation is in both English & French DTS Master Audio 5.1, also a Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1, with English, English SDH, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean & Thai Subtitles.

This lossless audio track doesn't jump, or boom and bang much, but the one thing it does is present the dialogue which is so much what drives this film in near flawless quality. The quirky soundtrack and sound effects are pleasantly surprising including Carrey's vibrating performance of "Somebody to Love" a personal highlight. All in all a strong, clean and balanced sound presentation, a comfortable [rating=3] and a half.


This one is loaded with great extras. There’s a combined commentary with Stiller, Carrey and that guy Judd Apatow (40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up) which is one of best commentary tracks I've heard. There’s also plethora of deleted & extended scenes, some of which you'd wished they'd kept in (Steven's alternate dream sequence, queue Poltergeist). There’s a HBO ‘First Look’ feature, a Gag-Reel and much much more. If its extras you crave then this is a must purchase.


This is a release which I believe shows just what Blu-ray can bring to the table, if you're a fan of the film then this is a must own, as this give you an insight into what happens when a studio produces an edition that does justice to the format. Oh I forgot to mention, this edition is an ALL-REGION Blu-ray which means it plays on any machine, this is a very solid package which should please and comes strongly recommended.

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