After years of hiatus there are only two things that Kath and Kim returning to the screen could mean - an outstanding swansong or a desperate cash grab. The Fountain Lakes Foxes (Jane Turner, Gina Riley & Magda Szubanski) journey to Papilloma and find a tyrannical yet charming king (Rob Sitch) and his mysterious son who is trying to be married off.

Kath and Kath are anti-fairy tale heroines forced to inappropriately interact with every Princess cliché possible. Throw in some Jane Eyre, weird disparity between rich and poor, social inequalities for the peasantry and you've got the foundations of a bland extension of the show for extension's sake.

The balance of comedy doesn't make any sense. It seems like the thought process was to cannabilise old jokes and to punctuate them with unnecessary montage.  Riley and Turner's intent may have been a satirized homage to the classic British sitcom manoeuvre of uprooting the cast for a trip overseas. However, accompanied by director Ted Emery's distractingly long 'travel show' coastline ogling it seemed to fall into the trap that it attempted to avoid.

Riley and Turner (and the rest of the core cast) are in performance autopilot due to the bare carcass of a script presented. The big highlight is an appearance by Frank Woodley.  Chuckling fits are sure to follow every moment he is on screen and Woodley cements his status as one of Australia’s great comedic talents.

The charm of the series is absent. The location of Fountain Lakes and the interactions with the endless eccentrics the ladies encounter is essential to how the satirical series works. Kath and Kimderella is a recycled and laughless disappointment.


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Directed by: Ted Emery

Written by: Gina Riley, Jane Turner

Starring: Jane Turner, Gina Riley and Magda Szubanski 

Kath and Kimderella is released on the 6th of September in Australia. 

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